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Nighttime Remodeling

With Associated Floors you’ll find the difference is NIGHT & DAY!

At Associated Floors, nighttime remodels are our specialty. We make the job seamless for you (no pun intended) and insure that every project is staged properly so that in the morning your stores, restaurant or offices, are fully operational for business as usual. Our staff works through the night so you won’t miss any business during the floor renovation process…that is just one part of the Associated Advantage.

Our expert nighttime installation includes:

  • Staffing the project appropriately to complete the project on time
  • Safely and methodically moving furniture and systems so there’s almost no disruption of ongoing business
  • Attention to details to make sure it’s done correctly
  • Cleaning the work area at the conclusion of the project

Nighttime remodels are our specialty

When you are ready to design, build or remodel, contact our experts to learn more. Request a price quote, sample, or discuss all of your commercial flooring needs at 800-800-4320 or sales@associatedfloors.com.

Covering the floors of hundreds of national retail chain stores and other diverse entities

Associated Floors, International

  • We have experienced staff who ask questions at the outset and consult with our clients throughout the process, always providing valuable solutions.
  • The key to our success is our single-source accountability.  One person—from project inception through completion—overseeing every aspect of your project…leaving you free to complete your work unencumbered.
  • Our only vested interest in product selection is to ensure that we help you choose the best flooring materials for your project from global manufacturers

Let the trained professionals at Associated Floors educate you on how to balance cost savings against long-term performance. We work closely with our clients to advise and help them select products that will best match their timeframes, budgets and overall project concepts. The proper flooring selection should meet all of these requirements while always remaining within your budget. Call us at 800-800-4320 and request an appointment with one of our principals.

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