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Associated understands the importance of quality accessories and that you may need various products in order to maintain your new flooring. We have a wide selection of effective, supplementary products used by professionals to maintain and install flooring. We believe these products are an important part of properly finishing and maintaining commercial floors, and protecting manufacturers’ warranties.


There are a variety of compounds and adhesives used to attach a new floor to the subfloor or foundation. Of course, depending on the sub-floor and the material being installed on top of it, different types of adhesives will be needed. Some multi-purpose adhesives can be used effectively for a variety of products. Associated stands behind its products and uses only the best products recommended by the manufacturers for top performance.

Cleaning & Maintenance Products

We have commercial cleaning products available to help you with maintenance and care of floors in your facility. Our manufacturers offer specific instructions and guidance on the best practices to upkeep floors including frequency of care and product usage. We recommend using the manufacturers’ suggested products and guidelines to insure the longest lifecycle of your floors.


We have commercial grout available in sanded, unsanded, and epoxy based formulas and in many different colors for installing new tile projects or for grout replacement in older tile floors.


There are many types of sealants available for various flooring materials — both porous and non-porous. Applied properly to the surface of different types of flooring materials they protect against stains and damage caused by moisture, movement, or poor substrates, as well as result in superior adhesion and fast curing.

Stair Treads

Stair treads are used as protective covering on the horizontal section of stairs. Generally the provide a slip resistant surface and help protect the stairs, making steps easier to maintain. Stair treads are available in many materials including wood, rubber and vinyl.


Transition strips are used to connect two different flooring types to each other. They are also needed to resolve differences in the heights of two adjacent floors. Transitions are available in a variety of materials including vinyl, metals, and rubber, and can be custom cut to fit your project.

Wall Base

Wall base is a trim installed at the base of an interior wall at the point where the wall meets the floor. The wall base offers a finished and tastefully presented appearance to a room or hallway and also protects the lower portion of the wall from damage. Wall base is available in vinyl, rubber and a variety of other specialty materials upon request.

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